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Benefits Of Our Products & Services

BRTECHSOLUTION provide various types of products and services.
CCTV cameras have become a necessary requirement in every business big or small. Though a necessary requirement for all business it is especially important for a small business where investment is small and risks are high. Small businesses are always at risk due to their unorganized process and small systems which excludes them from the corporatized systems of big firms or business.
The benefits of GPS tracking are invaluable to any fleet owner. By implementing a fleet tracking system, managers get an unprecedented level of access and control to their entire fleet. And being able to track every vehicle is just the beginning of all the benefits you can expect when you use a GPS tracking system.
A video door phone lets you see and communicate with the visitor without being physically present on the door. After knowing the purpose of visit and if required, you can choose to open the door or keep it closed. So, the video door phone is a great system to ensure the safety and security of your family and home.
Fire safety equipment is a crucial preventive measure against unexpected fires. In fact, it is essential for almost all high-rise apartments and offices to invest in a fire extinguisher. The buildings should be built keeping fire safety in mind making it essential to install fire safety equipment like sprinklers, fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, and much more. Such equipment can be considered the first line of defense in saving lives and avoiding extensive damage to property.

Lets Explore More Benefits

Access Control System Improved Security

If your facility is looking for ways to upgrade building security or is hoping to move on from a troublesome key entry system, access control systems are a robust solution. Offering simple management that is flexible and scaleable, access control systems enable you to provide the right access to the right people and to the right areas of your facility, at any time. Here are just a few key benefits that access control systems can provide to your facility’s comprehensive security system.Improved Security that Works for You Keep Track of Who Comes and Goes Require Mandatory Credentials for Access Set Specific Access Dates and Times Forget Hassle Associated with Traditional Keys Access Control Systems are Easy to Manage.

Fire Alarm Early Detection

If you are considering a home fire alarm system, there are several good reasons to own one. I will explain the benefits of a home fire alarm system, and how it can help you.The earlier a fire is detected, the faster it will be that firefighters will respond. This can mean you may avoid major damage or even worse, the complete destruction of the home.Avoid Smoke Inhalation,24/7 Monitoring and Easy & Affordable.


Minimize Fuel cost,theft recovery,lower operational costs,increase productivity,track the driver(safety purpose)and many more..

Fire Extinguisher is Safe

A majority of the fires that break out can be put out using handy fire equipment installed in the building.In case of a major fire, such equipment can help contain the damage until the firefighters arrive.Offers round-the-clock protection 24/7 against fire breakouts.They are simple to use and can also be handled by children and the elderly.This type of fire safety equipment is not toxic or harmful to us or the environment.This is both reliable and affordable making it ideal for all to use.

CCTV CAMERA Private and sensitive area surveillance

Avoid internal and external theft,Crime prevention,Evidence collection,Staff security,Customer satisfaction ensurance,Protection against false liability lawsuits.