Inside Pillar 35 At Ashiana More, Behind Biryani Mahal

Ashiana-Digha Rd,Patna Bihar,800014



We all dream for a safe home and protection of our family,Now a day, technology is leading all the fields through the latest developments. And, home safety is not left behind.Traditional methods of hiring a security guard, keeping a watchdog, etc are not working now a day
Some important points regarding why should you install a video door phone system.
BRTECHSOLUTION provide you various types of video door phone, installation and repairing on affordable charges
Its easy to intall and does not require many changes in the existing construction or too much wiring and beautiful design
The latest video door phone systems can capture, store and date-stamp pictures to make it easier for you to assess the recording at any stage to identify visitors or get proof of unauthorized entry. For the complete safety and security at home, a video door phone system is just great. With this, you just cannot recognize precisely who is at the door.
A video door phone can be easily integrated with your existing home security systems to make home monitoring absolutely easy.It is easily access,you’re at the roof, in your kitchen, living room or bed room of your home, you can answer your door phone through your smart phones. Via phone, you will be notified about the person on the door. If you find the visitor undesirable, you can simply ignore the bell or ask the person to move out.It is Safe & Secure,Smart Monitoring system.

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